Wish List for WooCommerce

Wish List for WooCommerce

Wish List for WooCommerce

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Let your visitors save and share the products they love on your WooCommerce store with a Wish List.


Tested on WooCommerce v2.6.14 and WordPress v4.7.4

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Author: Algoritmika Ltd..

Product Description

Do you like the free version of this plugin? Imagine what the Wish List for WooCommerce Pro version can do for you!

Take a look on some of its features:

  • Choose custom icons from FontAwesome for all your buttons and notifications
  • Customize the default button in all ways (background and hover color, font weight, size, margin and more)
  • Choose precisely where thumbnail button will be displayed inside product image and also style it the way you want
  • Style your notifications
  • Choose your social icon colors
  • Customize all messages displayed to users easily
  • Use tooltips to make this plugin even easier to users


A ready-to-use wish list page

Wish List for WooCommerce - Frontend - Wish List Page

Use a minimalist button on single product page to add or remove items from wish list

Wish List for WooCommerce - Frontend - Product (Single)

Use a minimalist button on product loop to add or remove items from wish list

Wish List for WooCommerce - Frontend - Product (Archives)


In general options you can turn on/off the plugin and choose to load icons from font awesome

Wish List for WooCommerce - Admin Settings - General

Choose if you want to share your wish list on social networks

Wish List for WooCommerce - Admin Settings - Social Networks

Control precisely where your wishlist buttons will appear

Wish List for WooCommerce - Admin Settings - Buttons

Decide what you are going to display in your wish list

Wish List for WooCommerce - Admin Settings - Wish List

Choose if you want to notify your users about items being added to wish list

Wish List for WooCommerce - Admin Settings - Notifications

Style it the way you want, with a bunch of options

Wish List for WooCommerce - Admin Settings - Style

Customize all messages displayed to users easily

Wish List for WooCommerce - Admin Settings - Texts

2 reviews for Wish List for WooCommerce

  1. 5 out of 5


    So far I love “Wish List for WooCommerce”. Easy to set up. Awesome features. The only thing is the little heart is right behind the price in the upper right hand corner on my category pages. But I used a lot of gray. If I ever sell something I would upgrade to pro. 🙂 Thanks

    • :

      Hello Tami,
      Firstly, sorry for the delay.

      We are glad to hear that you are enjoying it!
      We would like you to know that in Pro version you can change the heart position. Besides that, in free version itself you can choose to turn this heart button off through admin options.

      And if you could review this plugin on we would really appreciate it. It’s really important to us.



  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I consider its the best wishlist plugin after have tried all related plugin.
    Highly recommend!

    By the way, I got some issue about Font Awesome and thumb button.
    Where I can raise the issue?

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= 1.2.5 - 10/04/2017 =
* Change thumb button position now that WooCommerce 3.0 uses a Magnifying glass icon on top right position
* Add option to make the thumb button to pulsate on hover
* Add option to set the thumb button hover size
* Change thumb button color to red when an item is on wish list
* Change remove icon color to red
* Remove colon from wish list on mobile

= 1.2.4 - 28/03/2017 =
* Fix thumb button position on product loop
* Add alpha colors on admin

= 1.2.3 - 25/03/2017 =
* Fix wish list url that goes on sharing email
* Prevent possible duplicates of Frontend Ajax URL on admin
* Make optional the feature to send email to admin

= 1.2.2 - 24/03/2017 =
* Improve function that calculates thumb button position on loop
* Add new option to share the wish list via email
* Improve performance by keeping the wishlist inside a variable
* Update izitoast
* Update translation

= 1.2.1 - 20/03/2017 =
* Fix bug where a warning was being generated by a missing cookie

= 1.2.0 - 14/03/2017 =
* Add option to control thumb button offset separately for loop and single product
* Add option to control button color for clicked state
* Fix German translation
* Improve thumb button position
* Fix notice on localize_scripts() function
* Increase priority of cookies creation
* Fix translation slug on template files

= 1.1.9 - 13/03/2017 =
* Fix the problem where ajax can't recognize logged in users on domain-mapped sites. Now the frontend ajaxurl is passed through an option on admin

= 1.1.8 - 12/03/2017 =
* Prevent an issue with themes that overwrite font-awesome font-family
* Better css selector for thumb button loop

= 1.1.7 - 10/03/2017 =
* Fix bug of empty icons on https connections. Now FontAwesome and bootstrap are being loaded through Protocol-relative URL

= 1.1.6 - 08/03/2017 =
* Fix multiple domain issue (Now user id cookie is being passed via ajax)
* Improve performance (Admin fields are being loaded only on admin)
* Better names for general sections on admin

= 1.1.5 - 06/03/2017 =
* New screenshots
* Update readme.txt
* Stop using sessions. Now unlogged users are managed with transients and cookies

= 1.1.4 - 03/03/2017 =
* Fix WooCommerce checking bug. Now the plugin is deactivated if WooCommerce is not active
* Show a notice when WooCommerce is not active
* Show a notice when Pro version is active
* Remove write_log function
* Better translation
* Add option to choose the wish list page
* Create widget displaying a link to wish list page
* Change text domain to match plugin slug so the plugin can be translated from

= 1.1.3 - 17/02/2017 =
* Minor changes

= 1.1.2 - 10/02/2017 =
* Information about the Pro version on General Tab

= 1.1.1 - 06/02/2017 =
* Better CSS for notification
* New event (alg_wc_wl_notification_close) triggered on notification close
* Notification box is now closing on esc key
* New filter (alg_wc_wl_toggle_item_ajax_response) on "class-alg-wc-wish-list-ajax.php" to handle a possible override
* New tab on admin to handle notification options
* New option to enable notifications on desktop
* New option to enable notifications on mobile
* New option to show wish list link on notification after adding a product to wish list
* New option to Show an Ok button so the user has one more option to close notification

= 1.1.0 - 05/02/2017 =
* Created a new filter (alg_wc_wl_toggle_item_texts) to customize texts from remove and add items to wish list
* Passing text to default button template dynamically with "add_label" and "remove_label" params. They can be filtered using "alg_wc_wl_locate_template_params" hook
* New option to show an "Add to cart" button on wish list
* Created a function on JS to control thumb button position properly
* JS is now receiving an option to disable / enable notification progress bar
* Notification is now receiving dynamic options via JS
* Passing an icon class to thumb buttons
* Including a new filter called "alg_wc_wl_locate_template_params" for filtering params passed to templates
* Added a class "alg-wc-wl-btn-wrapper" on default button template to control alignment
* Now it's possible to pass an icon class to default buttons
* Auto deactivating plugin if Pro version is active
* Better function names for autoloading and locating templates
* Better prefix for checking autoloading function

= 1.0.0 - 04/02/2017 =
* Initial Release.